dimarts, 8 de gener de 2008

One skein

Have you ever thought what you can do with only one skein of sock yarn? I hadn't till last month when I started to knit a pair of gloves for my mother with a skein of Fotissima colori socka color. It took almost a month to finish them but It's well worth the time I have spent in them. My mother has been really happy with her present...she shows them to everybody!

Pattern is mine. I used moreless the same pattern rules than with cool gloves but adapted to the yarn gauge. There are some cables in the upper side that difficult to see in this picture. I've been thinking about posting the pattern but I'm not good in maths...I don't know why, but I've got some troubles with the number of stitches in fingers part. I should think about it for a while...

My mother (and neither do I) don't have our hands too big. I only needed less than half skein to complete these gloves. So I decided to knit with the other half skein a pair of socks for my brother. I have already done a pair of ankle socks for my other brother and I knew that for that project I only needed aproximately 50 g of yarn.

But when I finished his socks I still had some metters of that lovely yarn. So, as I've got a new mobile as a Christmas present I decided to use it to crochet a cozy.