dimarts, 15 de gener de 2008

Foliage mittens and other knitting projects

Finally, I finished Foliage mittens! I have had them almost completed for more than a month.

The days before Christmas I also finished the first lace pattern I've ever knitted. I started it last Winter but I left it aside when weather became warmer. Later, in autumn 2007, I've never found the right moment to knit the last half skein...till december.

It is a diagonal pattern based on the repetition of *k2tog, yo, k1*, decreasing a stitch at the end of every k row, and increasing a stitch at the end of every p row. All wrong side rows are purled.

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Prunila ha dit...

Hola Núria, t'he deixat un detallet al meu blog. Felicitats :-)))